Our Pizza Trailer Truck Cooks at your Site!

The pizza trailer pulled by truck bakes onsite for Connecticut businesses and residences. Fresh Italian cuisine baked on the trailer truck from the finest ingredients. We cook AT YOUR SITE with our Trailer Truck!

Trailer Truck Catering for CT Parties, Home, Outing, Business, Weddings, and Religious Events. Full Service Caterers from the Pizza Trailer Truck.

The Pizza Trailer Truck serves Connecticut Authentic Italian Pizza and Gluten Free Pizza. Cooked at your location on our Trailer Truck as you watch. The Pizza Trailer Truck serves fresh pizza, gluten free pizza, salad, stuffed breads, and calzones. For desert our Pizza Trailer Truck offers espresso, coffee, Gelato and Italian Pastry.

Have us cater your event with the Pizza Trailer. Call Today at 203-250-0004!

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